Tattoo Removal

In a class of its own, among laser technologies of the past, PicoSure utilizes a 755nm wavelength that targets melanin over hemoglobin which makes it ideal for treating pigmentary conditions, such as tattoo removal. In trillionths of a second, the 755nm energy relies less on the photothermal action of longer-pulsed devices, instead creating an intense photomechanical impact.

This skin sparing ability reduces the risk of high thermal damage and results in increased disruption of the target chromophore. Additionally, and in concert, the 755nm wavelength is able to target black, blue, and green tattoo inks. Coupled with the optional 532nm delivery system, PicoSure can treat all tattoo colors with two wavelengths.

For tattoos, PicoSure’s picosecond pulse width shatters ink particles with an intense photomechanical pressure making it easy for the body to process. Boost™ Adjustable Pressure shortens the pulse width even more to treat stubborn or resistant ink.**

Technical jargon aside:  PicoSure for better ink color clearance with fewer treatments using less energy.