Regenerative Metabolic Medicine

Medical science has embraced new areas of anti-aging, metabolic, translational, functional and regenerative approaches to health and healing. At CHI Aesthetic Clinic, laser, intense pulsed light and radio frequency treatments can be an alternative to surgery and chemical therapies for image enhancement. However, the principles and practices of a healthy lifestyle can never be replaced by a drug or a series of mechanical treatments.

An attractive image is truly more than skin-deep and generates from a cellular level. In Regenerative Metabolic Medicine, a custom-designed program of nutraceuticals can help to eliminate nutritional deficiencies that can seriously affect the integrity of skin, muscles, blood and organ functionality.  Developing life-long habits of proper diet, hygiene,  exercise and mental clarity will impact cellular regenerative properties and increase the integrity of the consummate metabolism.

CHI Medical Center, the origins of CHI Aesthetic Clinic, has even adopted these principles into its name. CHI, not only refers to the ancient oriental concept of life-force energy, but, as an acronym, it stands for Comprehensive Health Innovations. Dr. Christenson is pleased to offer patients a comprehensive approach to health and well-being that incorporates allopathic, traditional, regenerative metabolic, aesthetic and integrative branches of medicine.

In addition, Dr. Christenson offers patients therapeutic harp sessions and emotional balancing techniques as tools to achieve ultimate well-being. This advanced expertise was achieved through highly skilled and extended training and dedicated practice over three decades. At CHI Aesthetic Clinic, beauty begins from the inside out.  Regain the youthfulness of your cellular blueprint and rediscover your birthright to image enhancement.