Therapeutic Harp

Meditative Harp Music composed and
played by Dr. Elizabeth Chen Christenson

As a Certified Harp Practitioner, Dr. Christenson has received special recognition utilizing the soothing harmonics of music to relax patients and improve their mental and physical well-being. She has also released her own CD of therapeutic harp and lectures internationally on Music and The Brain.

Dr. Christenson grew up in a musical and medical family in Taiwan. Her father was an ophthalmologist and a violinist and other family members were instrumentalists and vocalists. She started playing piano and classical guitar in her youth and was inspired to play harp just before entering medical school. In addition to being an integrative family physician, She discovered the link between music and medicine when she studied the Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which explained how music affects the physical and psycho-spiritual well-being of human existence.

She authored the chapter entitled Chinese Five Element Music Healing for the book Harp Therapy Cradle of Sound by Christina Tourin (2006). In the chapter, she explains that the healing effect of harp music can be understood through the physics of vibratory energy. Based on the theory of frequency, diseases are caused by or are the cause of disharmony or “disfrequency” of the body, such as lacking certain frequencies or making wrong frequencies. The harp, with its multiple strings, such as the 23-string lever therapy harp played in Dr. Christenson’s CD, can produce “complex harmonic motion” that results in its characteristic rich, soothing, gentle tones and near infinite number of frequencies generated by the vibratory harmonics of each string.

In conceptual physics, all material substances have natural vibratory energy which creates their own inherent resonating frequencies. These can either be scattered or resonant in various places of the body, including acupuncture meridians, as well as, intracellular, intercellular or interstitial spaces, causing profound physiological effects such as alterations in mental status, neurotransmissions, heartbeat, lung mechanisms, immunity, enzymatic reactions, hormonal secretions, cellular metabolism, etc. The harp’s affinity for tranquilizing resonance normalizes frequencies and so helps normalize the body and mind.

The laws of energy in the body exhibit the same natural resonating frequencies in each and every cell of the human body. Just as a singer can shatter a wine glass with sheer voice when the pitch matches the exact frequency of the glass, sound frequencies can alter cell membrane structure. It has been demonstrated that sound frequencies can even shatter cancer cells.

The shock waves produced by a lithotripter that can pulverize stones in the body and a harmonic scalpel producing high frequency sound waves that coagulate blood vessels during surgery, are some examples of the physiological effects of sound waves in the body.

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Patient Testimonials

“This was fantastic! The audience loved it and what a blessing to have a great doctor like this in Hawaii. I heard she also plays for her patients during acupuncture treatments.” –Robert G.

“I am truly blessed that you are my doctor. I saw the video of your harp performance for the Chinese New Year on your website and it was wonderful. You have an intrinsic knowledge of all that is the human experience and beautifully and effectively apply your knowledge to the medicine you practice. The people who make music, like you, are the spiritual guides by which all living things can find tranquility, energy and healing. Thank you for being the wonderful woman and spirit you are.” Susan M.

“Thank you for inspiring me to play harp. I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been since I started to learn harp, and feel so fortunate I was able to start out on the Artone model I bought. Yes, I am planning to apply to medical school next spring after taking the MCAT.” – Caroline R.

“Thank you so much your sharing your healing music with harp in the airport waiting area. I felt the special vibrational energy came inside of me which felt very soothing and a sense of comfort…You have a very special background combining healing art, spirituality and medicine.” – Joselyn F.

“I bought a lovely beautiful harp CD from you for my massage therapy treatment room. I just want to let you know that I have so many good compliments from my clients about your lovely harp music.
My clients love your music.”
– Mary J.

“On behalf of Family Promise of Hawai’i and Emmanuel, I would like to thank you for playing your harp and being the perfect addition to our VIP event. Your talent is just amazing! “
Jane M. T.

“On behalf of the Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Team, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide the beautiful harp music for “The Music of Palliative Care – Orchestrating Care at the End of Life” Fair. The music certainly played an important role in enhancing the soothing ambiance for the day. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift of therapeutic harp.”
Sincerely, Reverend J. S.

” I am receiving much compliments about your harp from my guests. I would summarize their comments as: Magical… soothing… transcending… relaxing… and the way the three of you (two professional singers and guitars) played together without any rehearsing was really amazing!” – Carla J.

” Oh my goodness, what a lovely thing you have shared with our community. …It does feel the spirit was swirling around you, within you, in your music, and you helped to carry it out even further to everyone.” Sheryl S.

“Love this Therapeutic Harp performance…. The lovely, soothing music is skillfully played and she’s a genuine healer with great compassion. Bravo!!!” – Grace T.

“Dear Elizabeth, …Your performance and your speech are actually touching to me! …And I know you are an expert for Music Therapeutics. Bravo!” – Naoe J.


      Therapeutic Harp