Longevity … Rejuvenation … Image Enhancement.

Aesthetic Medicine gives us more intelligent options to reinvent personalized stages of cellular restoration.

Feel better… Look better… Live better.

While miracle drugs and high tech surgical procedures dominated medicine for decades, there is a contemporary paradigm shift to more naturally sustainable healing practices and true health care, rather than merely disease management. New frontiers in medicine have emerged including Integrative Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. These have collaborated cellular restoration and metabolic therapies with minimally invasive procedures and a comprehensive approach to both interior health and exterior enhancement.

As our population is enjoying longer life spans, we now seek to be more vital and more youthful as we age, both gracefully and exceptionally. Enhanced image lends well to personal confidence and happiness, as well as, a competitive edge in the job market and social interactions.

Fortunately, high tech in medicine has recently evolved several laser technologies that embrace both integrative and regenerative principles with minimally invasive and safe techniques. Cynosure is a leading developer and manufacturer of these light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems. It helps doctors enhance their practice with solutions that can improve their patients’ health, well-being and quality of life.

These devices came at a time when CHI Medical Center was advancing from purely degenerative disease treatments to searching for regenerative modalities that would be non-toxic, non-invasive and FDA approved. In alliance with our policy of comprehensive health innovations, these aesthetic medicine technologies are both clinically proven and patient friendly.

  1. SculpSure = Laser lipolysis for body contouring technology.
  2. PicoSure = Revitalizing skin by treating wrinkles, acne scars, brown age spots, unwanted freckles and removing unwanted tattoos.
  3. Pelleve = Radio Frequency to treat skin tightening and smooth wrinkles.
  4. Icon = Permanently reduce unwanted facial and body hair, unwanted facial & body scar, unwanted facial veins, stretch marks, reduce melisma, uneven skin tone & rosacea, wrinkles & sun damage. Get the glowing results you want.

I. SculpSure can safely help eliminate stubborn fat in just 25 minutes per treatment area. There is no downtime following treatment.

The laser targets and heats fat cells, altering their structural integrity. The disintegrated fat cells are removed naturally from the body through the lymphatic system. Once the fat cells are removed from the body, they cannot regrow. In contrast to weight loss, fat cells shrink but do not disintegrate and can expand. The cooling system runs in cycles throughout the treatment, keeping the skin safe and comfortable.

At CHI Medical Center, we will discuss a customized treatment plan: which areas would be the best overall change and how many treatments can reach your desired results. Photos will be taken every 4-12 weeks throughout the treatment plan to keep track of your progress.

II. Tattoos can be expressive and symbolic, however, for those who are wishing to remove the inking, PicoSure comes to the rescue. PicoSure emits light at a picosecond, which is a unit of time equals to one trillionth of a second. This high speed of light breaks down the pigments from tattoos or naturally-formed brown spots into powder-like particles which are much easier for macrophages to absorb and eliminate out of the body. This newest technology is more superior than the older version which emits light at a nanosecond, equals to one billionth of a second, which breaks down pigments into bigger particles therefore requires more treatments and more time for elimination.

III. Everyone wants to regain the youthful vitality of their skin, especially on the face. Nutrition, creams and facials can only do so much to restore the skin’s delicate layers. Imagine giving the skin a jump start in wrinkle removal and texture restoration. Pellevé emits a radio frequency energy to the epidermis and deeper dermal tissues creating a thermal reaction. Heat induces collagen contraction, neo-collagenesis and elastin uniformity thus enhancing contraction of the skin surface. Pacemaker or any implanted electronic devices are not acceptable for the treatment.

IV. Icon emits laser pulses of light target unwanted pigment and vessels within your skin.  The light delivered causes them to slowly disappear through your body’s natural healing process. As the doctor guides the hand piece over the treatment area you will feel cooling on the skin. This contact cooling will maximize your comfort during the treatment, making it an extremely tolerable experience.

Dr. Christenson was requested by the Cynosure to be a designated physician representative in Hawaii. As an ongoing part of CHI Medical Center’s investigation into cutting-edge and non-invasive medical treatment protocols, Dr. Christenson welcomes these laser technologies into her wellness program for her patients.

CHI Medical Center invites you, your families, associates and friends for a free consultation to explore the possibilities of these ingenious medical devices which can take you to the next level of optimal health. The future is here now. Aesthetic medicine can reshape and rejuvenate the image you project to the world using one of nature’s wonders-light. Let CHI Medical Center enlighten your journey to health, beauty and well being.